Artistic Personnel and Production Manager

San Diego Master Chorale
San Diego, CA
Type of Position: 
Application Deadline: 
Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Artistic Personnel and Production Manager for the SD Master Chorale is responsible for the logistical management of rehearsals and concerts and for the management of the SD Master Chorale.  The position reports to the Music Director.  The position works in close coordination with the Music Director, the Board of Directors, the Marketing and Program Committees, and other SD Master Chorale music staff.


Skill requirements:  Superior communication, writing, and organizational skills are required to work with SD Master Chorale staff and Chorale membership of approximately 120 singers.  Ability to address and communicate with the public.  Data organization skills, planning skills, and an eye for detail are musts.  The applicant is required to have computer skills for word processing and spreadsheet creation and collaborative file management (Google Docs and Sheets, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, etc.), and knowledge of other applications such as MailChimp and TicketSpice is encouraged.  Applicant needs the ability to work independently and as part of a team, supporting other staff members as required.  The ability to manage volunteer personnel is required, including but not limited to music librarian, riser crew, set-up crew, box office crew, wardrobe managers and singers and other performing arts partners and vendors.






  1. Rehearsals
    1. Coordinate with host site to secure rehearsal space and times
    2. Coordinate the setup of the rehearsal room for choir rehearsal per the seating arrangement requested by the music director.
    3. Coordinate the setting up of chairs, podium, stands, lights, and anything else needed for rehearsal.
    4. Responsible for managing the climate control in the rehearsal area.
  2. Contracted Performances
    1. Maintain a production sheet for each performance that indicates all needs for each performance in detail.
    2. Manage the Chorale in its staging area
    3. Provide instructions to the Chorale for all stage directions both on and off the stage including line up for requested standing order and concert order.  This includes guest artists and instrumentalists
    4. Provide parking and direction instructions for venues
    5. Communicate with collaborative arts partners in advance about logistics (attire, call times, parking, green rooms, etc.)


  1. Self-Produced Performances (and Virtual Performances)
    1. Everything in “Contracted Performances,” plus:
    2. Manage the budget for each self-produced concert in collaboration with the Treasurer
      1. Including the contracting of outside performers (guest vocalists, instrumentalists, etc.)
    3. Coordinate with venues about contracts for dress rehearsals and performance dates
    4. Set up box office and ticket sales in TicketSpice (or alternative donor management platforms)
    5. Create and manage timeline for Marketing Committee to produce and distribute content
    6. Coordinate with supplemental artistic personnel as needed (Video/Audio engineer for concerts, instrumentalists as recommended by Music Director, House Manager, etc.)
    7. Manage all volunteers for self-produced concerts
      1. Ticket sales
      2. Food/beverage
      3. Ushers/ticket scanners or collectors
      4. Clean up crew
    8. Create and communicate a timeline for production day (who will arrive and when)


  1. Chorale Communications
    1. Manage all internal communication with the singer personnel of SD Master Chorale via email and on Chorus Connection
    2. Communication to include:
      1. Singer Handbook
      2. Concert attire
      3. Schedule of rehearsals and performances
      4. Attendance issues
    3. Maintain information on Chorus Connection, to include:
      1. Current Members (active, leave of absence, etc.)
      2. Rosters and attendance lists
      3. Calendar (all scheduled rehearsals and performances)
      4. Files for different concerts
      5. Music PDFs
      6. Attendance
      7. Riser chart (created first by Music Director)
    4. Send out Availability Forms for all concerts in a timely manner
    5. Work with Music Director in assigning rosters for all contracted performances from Availability Form responses
    6. Coordinate assignment of staff singers to rosters with Music Director and Treasurer
    7. Coordinate and confirm assignment of rehearsal pianist
    8. Coordinate with Section Admin about attendance taking and tracking. Keep Music Director apprised of attendance problems of singers
    9. Manage visitors at rehearsals through coordination with Music Director.  Rehearsals are closed; non-SD Master Chorale personnel need permission to attend a rehearsal
    10. Maintain seating chart and changes as necessary (Chorus Connection)
    11. Make announcements as needed
    12. Maintain and manage internal volunteers in collaboration with Singers Council Chair


  1. Singer Auditions
    1. Maintain the listing of current singers in Chorus Connection and in Master Participations Records spreadsheet
    2. Coordinate the scheduling of all current singer auditions. Men/Women alternate per year with re-auditions.
    3. Coordinate the scheduling of all new singer auditions (dates/times/location, and then announce to the public and post on
    4. Reply to all audition inquiries that come to
    5. Auditions occur bi-annually, typically in June and January. Sometimes we will have a small round of auditions in August.


  1. Administrative
    1. Check the mailbox (coordinate with other stakeholders)
    2. Respond to email requests that come in directly through the website to (and other email addresses).
    3. Deposit checks and scan copies to Treasurer and Secretary.
    4. Enter donation information into MonkeyPod (or other donor management platform) and issues receipts for donors.
    5. Distribute MailChimp emails as needed
    6. Manage the MonkeyPod database site (donor management system)
      1. Donor information
      2. Donor records
      3. Box office set up and ticket management
      4. Donor levels and membership levels
    7. Manage the PayPal account (we use this whenever we swipe cards for tickets or donations at events)
    8. Compile information for grant reports as requested
    9. Assemble and mail the year-end campaign letters (if needed)
    10. Manage the Ring Central phone and voicemails. Respond as needed.
    11. Maintain all historical files
    12. ASCAP quarterly reports
    13. Attend Board Meetings on the 4th Tuesday of every month
    14. Update website as needed (coordinate with Webmaster and other stakeholders)


Estimated work hours: 10-15 hours per week, 45-60 hours per month

Compensation and Benefits: 

This is a part-time position and compensation is commensurate with experience. This position does not include benefits.

Application Procedure: 

Please submit a cover letter, resume, or CV, and contact information for three references to Please use the subject "APPM Application" in your correspondence. 

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